Social experiment 

The modern attraction paradigm is a game based system. People, women, say they want an honest and straight forward  man. This is a fallacy. I know all women reading this are up in arms “how the fuck does he think he can speak for all of us?!?”

5 years ago I checked out of the game playing. Straight forward is what I am and have been…it’s a fucking joke! I am a weird, disabled, super intelligent guy, so I have always been shunned by women. These past 5 years I have noticed my attraction and subsequent announcement of said attraction only breeds “you’re such a great friend but…”, “that’s cute”, or the “thanks but no thanks”. Some of these women I know are attracted or are at least interested…I’m pretty dam good with body language and non verbal cues. It is a laughable thing.

The next time you hear a woman saying they want an honest and straight forward guy, call their bullshit for what it is, a big stinking pile of it. 

Fuck it! I’m gonna do me, forget the games. Yeah, it’s lonely as fuck all but a guy has to have some sort of principles. I mean, I’m an attractiveish guy…good looking enough to hang out with….but I’m “great dating material for someone else”. Haha, fuck….I can’t even go on a date with a girl before she drops that hammer. And yes, it has happened over and over. 

“But Kyle, you just haven’t found the right girl yet”….platitudes and bullshit. If a guy cannot even ask a girl to go on a date without getting the “you’re just not dating material” (paraphrased).  Fuck it….I’m the extremely cool but unlovable “brain injured fuck”. Ha, cheers! 

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