What I Am

I am what I am

I am Kyle, I am alive, 

I am a human being on the planet earth.  

I have blond hair. I am of a largely 

European descent. I have brown 

eyes. I have many scars over 

my body, I am five foot ten inches tall, 

I weigh, roughly, one-hundred 

seventy-five pounds.  I not only survive, 

I thrive.  I have had an interesting journey. 

I am sarcastic. I am honest.

I was in love with someone, they knew

but didn’t seem to care… it hurts but 

it is what it is.  I am a die-hard romantic,

a warrior poet. I am loyal. I am intelligent. 

I am quick witted. I have an ear for 

music, playing and finding talent.  

I am a lover of fine things, 

life being chief.  I am a people person. 

I am a bit of a loner because people suck…

That scratches the surface of what I am

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