C'est l'AmourHating hate lowers collective vibrationReject the hateReduced to naught, it no longer exists Strength in love, in life, in beings surroundLove same, different, them allLove is universally bound within conscious fabricEssence of sentient life LoveBe love


True West Changing the world starts with one step One vibration shift rippling toward  Abundance and peaceful relations Naysayers saying "nay it shan't and can't be done!" Stoic pariahs not bending not blending in but vibrating Higher living circles of life echoing through song and picture and painting and poem Artists art for art is … Continue reading #306


Independence Day 2016 It is far worse than you could ever know Democracy doesn't exist in America  Funny how that be the premise To proxy war the way for corporate wealth Puppet regimes and bullshit fa├žades The delusion of freedom and the illusion of choice  Two-thousand sixteen the year it became known to the lot Not … Continue reading #304