Independence Day 2016

It is far worse than you could ever know

Democracy doesn’t exist in America 

Funny how that be the premise

To proxy war the way for corporate wealth

Puppet regimes and bullshit façades

The delusion of freedom and the illusion of choice 

Two-thousand sixteen the year it became known to the lot

Not just to the few who know or investigate

Denial by most

Those still lost in the banal suck

That paradigm being shifted 

Slowly rising from the fall and fail of oligarchic plutocracy 

Much like a repeat of the Middle Ages

In this Information Age 

Awareness growing

As the world not yet ready for the likes of Mr. Sanders

A precursor, a wake up call, an uncomfortable reminder of reality

Too much comfort in misery 

Choosing a lesser evil 

Fuck it!

Burn it down quicker

Rebuilding less pervasive 

Less insane than continuing the fear mongered masquerade

If peaceful revolution made impossible 

Violent revolution inevitable.

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