Legacy No thing hurts so deep as pitious platitudes Eyes speak truth while candied words speak false hope Honesty lacking in gestures returned Though it be given in spades from source Truth of self be sanity's play song Ever present, ever long, alone aloneness The game played with nothing less Nothing more to scrape from … Continue reading #294


Coming Reality  Fractal suits bouncing in repetitive waves Dripping substance in thick blood like globs Flashing lights and energy surrounding life Technological darkening of emotion being ceased Consciousness no longer held hostage by banal desire Life, the beauty, the bridging of universes Physically sentient connected to plug of universal wisdom That which is known by … Continue reading #291


Jen Sees Looking out cityscape window She sees beauty within Within everything  Energetic connections creating symbiosis  Everything, one. She being dedication defined Refined in self awareness, lifts, squats  Curving to rewrite visual history Beautiful!

On 2016 American society

The present oligarchical rule, resembling of Napoleonic France of the nineteenth  century, is on a crash course to failure as it is fueled by nothing but class warfare, greed and corruption. Being blanketed with sub-intelligent Americans without a mind to the distant future only the immediate gratification, this oligarchical class, this egoistic hog trough, can we … Continue reading On 2016 American society