It's HerIt's always been youBeginning before you knew who I wasI knew youI cherished youIt's always been youContinuing as you showed up on my stepYou needed meI opened my armsIt's always been you Steadfast as looked over "Too good a friend"Likely excuseIt's always been you Friend zoned complacencySeen as subparBroken manIt's always been youAgainst better judgement Undervalued I cannot deny … Continue reading #297



Unknown Power Directed words  Focused energy with purpose Often taken for granted By the alone and not alike Cherished thoughts meant for bud of source  Curse me, praise me, sink me, raise me Rife with emotion, rent with passion  Torn apart, constructed constructs


Cathartic Template  The sun also rises  Sets on hope filled fancy Mature and gaining ground This be not place nor time  All seeking fantasy  Truth too real for most Guilty as charged The end lingers not Heart moves to tears to truth to life


Coming Reality  Fractal suits bouncing in repetitive waves Dripping substance in thick blood like globs Flashing lights and energy surrounding life Technological darkening of emotion being ceased Consciousness no longer held hostage by banal desire Life, the beauty, the bridging of universes Physically sentient connected to plug of universal wisdom That which is known by … Continue reading #291