Fuck me, I hurt!

Denial is over, I am a reject and a pathetic excuse for a “man”… I am a “broken” man, a novelty item. Something to feel sad about and go on with the “normal” life whoever has. I have the same struggles as anyone coupled with the reality of being a “broke but not broke” man. I was injured just enough to make it glaringly obvious I am disabled, but able too recover just enough to where I am seen as a novelty item to ponder for the moment. Never anything more, but still “a fantastic human being” who has overcome so much just to waste it away talking to his pad of paper all night. No one to connect with. No one, not a soul understands, could fathom what it is like to have everything, literally everything, open to you and then have it ripped away and be relegated to the back of the life bus. Nothing but an afterthought, a novelty item to ogle at and thank fuck that it wasn’t you. Forgotten.
Welcome to my reality!

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