Californication Gone Wonderland 

It’s weird how watching these shows that I have enjoyed for years no longer bring me the prescribed happiness. Life happens and it is not wrapped into a box, nice and neat, happy ending…just finished the cynics paradise of Californication, for the third time, and I am left with a void, unfulfilled. Too much Game of Thrones, I suppose. Needless to say, they ruined a perfectly good series to please some bullshit supposition that life really isn’t all that bad. 

Life is pretty fucking rough, it is absolutely beautiful, but it is hard as fuck. Don’t forget that. 

Don’t forget those that are with you….those present and the ones you carry with you, dead and absent. Fuck materialism in the Face and leave it in the gutter where you found it. It is conditioned dependence on a broken capitalistic system. 

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