Hashtag Truth

Here I am, a romantic who has never known love, a great catch who cannot catch anything beyond fish during fishing excursions. I am naïve, awkward and too focused on the wrong things. I need to focus on myself, my future, my wealth, my health. I need to put me first, fuck this social conditioning and feeling like a selfish prick because of my accident. It was not my fault! Yes, I needed help, lots of help…I still need help at times. I apologize for none of it, I did not ask for this to happen, who would?!?

 People bitching about their lives and looking at me like i have it easy are just kicking me in the nuts over and over… It pisses me off! They see where I have brought myself back to and they think it was handed to me, like some miracle. Fuck that bullshit! God is a scam! Prayer is a delusion! I am in pain every moment of every day of my life these past 15.5 years. No one would know because I am not a self involved little bitch whining about every god damned thing in my life! You people need some perspective, seriously! I am so sick of this shit, most of you people wanting to escape and ruin your not tragically altered lives because of some trivial bullshit. It is maddening! Truly!!! I am here observing this, making the best of this severely altered, some might say ruined, chance at life and doing a phenomenal job. And I very rarely complain…I am not looking for self pity and fuck you for thinking you are better than me or others because we need help! I did not get to where I am today by myself but I made the choice not to piss and whine about how bad I have it. Shut the fuck up, grow the fuck up, make the choice to be happy, help other people, and help them without feeling owed or entitled to recompense!

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