Life 2.0

Seeking the lusts of a misplaced youth

Has left me feeling like a shadow of

I. As if a soul once scarred

Whispers “stop, don’t go” charging blindly 

Forward in frustrated haste. Lessons that 

Should  have been learned through time, 

Happened all at once…or perhaps the lessons 

Still need taught. Punishment is dealt.

Karma wrought in reverse…karma, not real.

Lusts of life made manifest through 

Vicarious means, stepping stones to

A looser life. Practice on strangers,

Practice on “friends”. Space dust…

Yellow light, blue light, green uniformity,

Uniform semblance, lost with reaction’s rising.

Recovery ascending, rising above the herd… 

Each becoming a moment; a plateau; an expanding event horizon.

Life beyond the bounds.

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