Children dying, grown-ups crying, wondering how they couldn’t tell media was lying

They pop a pill as they drink their fill of the artificial, corn-syrup, murder-death-kill

Cannot see why politicians lie, repeating the same insanity, time after time.

Praying to the id, the inner self, useless muttering, reason left up on the shelf

Of thoughts wasted, sanity abandoned for group inspired thought lease.

Another, the other boss, media, tossing untruths and crafted meaning. Loss

Is progress in the current obsession with excess and pointlessness.

Realize the time is nigh, the time to fly, the time to live and not just wait to die.

Turn off the media and experience life while life is life. Too fast it goes,

And until one knows that the life they lived was not their own, on the deathbed 

Filled with want and regret and things they haven’t done yet. Be the hope you want 

To see. Don’t do it do it for just you or me but as a whole, for humanity.

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