Evolving Thoughts of an Eve

Lovers have come before and they will come again,

More than carnal want is what he wants but he goes without

The connection, trivialized by immediate gratification, cherished

By one who knows the difference… found in friendships but lacking

The intimate closeness, the hugging and kissing and holding.  Sorely missed

And wished but not found in the dismissive, missives he is given by those

That continue to dis him and dismiss him as less than holding his own

In a world where seeing is being and inside he’s dying like flies on lights

At night. The fright to be seen as the star you are is where the misshaped world is

Raping the shaping of a twice riven soul. Driven by fire and desire to help others rise higher

And stoke the pyres of creative essence, an effervescent presence that is the first step

Towards an innocence lost back where we began before the whore of greed took the world

And need lost meaning of truth and the youth were the bright spots of life before

Fictitious strife ruined lives in the name of “freedom” and pride.

All for money’s sake, they take, take, take with a rake of fake drama and materialized war

The “man” of corporate want, wanting more, more, more.

A loss so profound is felt but not found as poison seeps in to the water and ground

The source of life, the abiding force and of course the source of neglect is wanting to reinforce

Its lording of sky, ground and air and there will be no question who is to blame when the

Game comes to a crashing end and what’s left is the cleft of a bread basket turned sour

And the dour glower of the cowards in power as they see how they fucked us all

Of their own accord, cutting their own necks with a nuclear sword.

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