Unpopular yet very patriotic thoughts:

American freedom is not and has not been in jeopardy… the armed services are invading sovereign nations, killing civilians and more besides, to further corporate interests and to prolong the failing petrodollar… people ask why the German people did nothing in the face of Nazism… I say they were ignorant of reality and apathetic due to propaganda saturation (sound familiar???).  All war is a trick, it is a scam, it is run by the corporations because that is how they make money. I understand the emotion tied to loved ones serving and how they have almost all americans duped into the “support the troops, support the war” bullshit… I have friends and family in the military, even had plans on going pararescue before my car accident in 2000, I am not against having an armed service for when it is needed. I am against the Military Industrial Complex and their rash campaign of proxy wars and bullshit terrorism. All terrorism is fake, it is orchestrated by the wealthy to perpetuate a fear base upon the lower class in an ongoing class war. I respect the troops for their choice to help protect us, but they are being duped. We are not being threatened. The people that have a problem with the usa are the people the MIC has fucked over via socio political moves, terrorism, corporate sponsored genocide, drone strikes and other more clandestine actions.

Support your loved ones, those who help others… stop glorifying and supporting war.

One thought on “Unpopular yet very patriotic thoughts:

  1. I never looked at what’s going on in this way before, your not saying don’t support out troops your saying don’t support the political bull shit that gets us in them.

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