Peace in Our Time

Le sigh and what the fuck?!? Talking to a brick wall would be easier.

Disillusioned dissonance and warped cognition running wild. 

Talk of peace not colored with stipulations; not ideologically attended.

Such is the truth of life, not conning for tithes to fund religious whoredom.

Babylon is nigh, the American “dream”… a bullshit oligarchy. Fuck the “patriots”,

Glorifying death! Fuck the ones in charge molding lives with hands “clean”!

Fuck the ignorant fucks, the loudest of them all, buying the bullshit

Hook, line and sinker, denying truths! They are the true enemy of the world!

The “good people” who do nothing in the face of evils perpetrated. All in the name

Of imperial ideology, often described as democracy or faith.

No democracy exists, has never. Forefathers’ dreams burned to ashes.

A revolution of thought, starting small, is changing the collective mind.

The road before bought but since lost when the power of thought became an afterthought

To what one is told by the powers that be. Reclamation is a conscious thing.

Search for truths, deny the urge to suck on society’s bane… sugar, sex,

drugs, violence, ‘god’.  Think for yourselves and trust the you inside.

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