The Awakening

Drawing nigh on lease of evils, unwanted but for utility’s sake.

It is not worth the blemished mark of evils survived. A better way,

A simpler way, must be found. Immediate pleasure, the folly of a race.

The race misplaced of its own accord, a place of ego fancy and arrogance.

Sated ego, is filled with useless junk, ceaselessly hungry…

More is the pity, every time one turns. Unfulfilled, unhappy, wanting.


Mindful dreams, a thought filled fancy, inside is where presence lay waiting.

Riding high, one in a symbiosis, one with all, no separation, no partitions.

Life lived abundantly, without want of refuse, is what we all seek.

Sought without knowing, that burning inside, “there must be more to life”.

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