What determines a closed mind? It is when you go into a situation with a bias or with your mind already fixed on an outcome. I was there, twice. Knowing from what I had learned and seen that religion was a farce and a pox but convinced via social conditioning and cognitive dissonance that it was the correct path and the only doctrine that mattered  I have learned a lot in my life, some things very few know or can communicate. I am a fairly eloquent writer, so that is to my benefit in the communicability regard.

Someone rehashing the same banal argument over and over only shows that they are searching for something other than what they have been led to believe, because it is faulty. Perhaps I am not the person to explain it to them in a way that makes sense to them, or perhaps, they are closed to all reason and have their mind made up before they even hear/see anything.

They continue to argue, thinking this will slake their ego want, but that is only another form of unhappiness and searching. The ego only takes, wanting more and more and more…

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