On my mind…

How are we supposed to know which religion is the true religion?  Just because someone follows a certain faith does not mean it is the correct path… Perhaps, no one religion contains all the truths of the world, but rather, every religion contains fragments of the truth which we, in our quests for enlightenment, are responsible for identifying those fragments and piecing them together.  Such has been what I have found during my journey, learning and experiencing other religions and customs.  I have found that consciousness is the higher plane, the next level of human evolution, spiritual nirvana (per se).

All of this dick fear over who’s god is the right god is ego driven bullshit meant to take the place of playground bullying.  Same with any of these international or domestic conflicts… no one wants to be one-upped and needs to have the last word, the last kill, the last whatever… fucking childish is what it is.  A bunch of  pubescent 12 year olds playing god with nuclear weapons and people’s lives; no regard for anything other than being right.  Sociopathic and totally insane.

And to the troops and war mongering elite, any real hero does not want to go to war but goes because he has to and it is the right thing to do.  On the adverse, it is also the right (heroic) thing to do by refusing to fight an unjust war, no matter the consequences.

Peace and whatever… Kyle

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