Whittle Duck?!?

How often we forget, we are all sexual beings. We try to hide it because society tells us to be ashamed of such fancies… BOLLOCKS!!! is what I say to that… society is screwed to hell and back, American society especially. More attention is paid to who sleeps with who in some far off place than what is going on in your own cities; your own back yard; your own house. Sex is important and nothing to be ashamed about. Stop shaming people because you find them unattractive… I promise you, you are not that good of a person and are very unattractive yourself. Superficial beauty is just that… superficial, fake, not real. Striving for an ego high of “OMG what will *whoever* think” is an ego driven pandemic that is plaguing the United States. It is everywhere but it is endorsed and encouraged by media at large,in the US, for it fosters competition and separation. The united states government does not want unity of the people in any sense or form.

Holy shit, this got all over the place… what started as a rant promoting sexuality started into a socio-political diatribe on the failings of the uS political system. Or perhaps it is the point of the modern system, to create so many convoluted and extraneous issues that there is, what seems like, absolutely no hope of a compromise leading to a revival of the people. Damn, my brain is weird… I like it though. SQUIRREL!

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