A thought; a lesson

Seeing all the more clearly how life moves in waves.  Oft times we get complacent and copacetic with the status-quo and then our life is turned on its edge, be it a tragedy, a new job, a lost job, a new love, and ending love, any changing venture or circumstance really.  It is really very beautiful when thought about at length.  Every experience is a lesson; a guide-post… guiding us on a path that is yet to be known, cannot be known.  Speculation is okay to think of in the moment but to linger on such only breeds anxiety and trouble.  Relax, life will happen as it does.  As Albert Einstein said “the reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”  So take that idea or notion of immediate gratification and quash it for good and all!  It does nothing but make you out to be an insufferable nitwit.  Yeah, I have been there before, find myself drifting that way but have learned to catch myself amidst said thoughts.  It has made a lot of difference in my peace of mind.  I just seek to be a lesson or guide-post to any of my readers.  Namaste mu’ah fu’ahs.

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