Convoluted Clarity

Friend to anyone, gives moments to a few, taken for fool hardy joke

What is the meaning of life to those who strip everything of meaning?

The joy in living is living in joy, Joy is making soap, she does not know

he sees her there. Carries on, stir the oil, hydrate the lye.

Burning eyes and melting skin, protect the vital organs.

Destruction’s wake at every turn, awareness saves the masses.

Few in love, spreading truth, must not get lost in lusty ego.

Wanton desires, “I’ll just live!”, destruction of the being.

Throwing bits and pieces like a blind man throwing darts.

Tattered and waving is the end of slattern’s dance,

A soul ripped to pieces for the sake of the so called life.

Waving and waving is the arm-less stranger.

Known for not being known, “Who is this guy, really?!?”

Mystery abounding… one to unlock the secret.

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