Le sigh

What do you do when the woman you have loved for years reaches out to you and asks for your help?   You calmly and stoically offer that hope, no expectations, no conditions… you give her time to heal.  What if less than a month later, some random guy, who she would never know, if not for you, hits her up and starts talking to her?  Forget the guy who loves her and has been there for her, was letting her re-learn who she is; the guy she ran to in her most dire moment.  She doesn’t want to need him, any feeling she had for him is somehow transferred to this, shadier new guy… this better version of the guy who was there for her.  Love. The good guy not taking advantage of a vulnerable woman… dude says “Damn, you’re cute!”  She is stuck…Friendzoned and passed over for the unknown, the question mark.  Love.  Fuck it.  It hurts.

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