A Different Paradigm

Solar projections, fusion’s creation

Life spawning source, abundant energy resource. Man

Is life’s delinquent step-child, meant to be more, god-

Like ability squandered and wasted for physically

Sated desires.  An egoistic, physical hell, barring conscious

Expansion.  The old guard is dying en masse.

The paradigm shift is nigh. Maturation as a whole,

After thousands of years of trial and loss, that

Is the aim; that is the reality; that is the

Inevitability.  The old guard will not go quietly into

That good night. Life may seem bleak and the future not

That certain… for a time.  The brighter way, seen

By the few, will shine through. Consciousness bared,

Distractions removed, a world alive, one and whole.

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