Conscious secret

Love is the catalyst, the fuel and the abiding force.  Love is not a target to aim for but the arrow to aim at… whomever and whatever one loves.  To love is to explore “heaven”.  To hope is to love with direction.

Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Eckhart Tolle, etc… they did/do not teach religion, they taught/teach love.  They taught/teach the opposite of religion, a unification of all peoples based on person-hood, not on which bullshit myth you were led to believe. Missing the forest for the trees… all the religious are.

There is no religion. There is no magical being to determine if you burn for eternity or if you have seventy-two virgins (gender not specified)… again, there is no such thing as a factual or “right” religion, it is all bullshit; a tool to control people and their money.  Religion is man-made.  To love, on the other hand, is everything… the source of consciousness in the universe; to abide in love is to heed all the great teachers and prophets.

To truly love is to be selfless; to look beyond your own wants and desires.

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