The Raven’s Heart

Beginning again, friendship renewed, fuck the po’lice we do what we do!

Bloodless siblings, energy apparent… abiding like The Dude in love and peace

In harmony with the world, as it is, rather what we would want.

Both children of light. Change in the world starts with one step.

Stepping in line, we, two warriors of light, joined in carefree bonding,

Friendship but more. Recognition is found in one another’s being

A light recognizable only to the soul… bloodless siblings.

Changing the world through selfless action, doing our part in

in this neck of the sweater of life.  Pack animals are led by example

by a pioneering few.  Humans are one of the most pack dependent

species.  Watching one fall and more following suit.  Rise up,

raise up, pull yourself above the clamour for shit and see the beauty

of life incarnate in every living thing.

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