Led astray from the start, from day one

I ignored the words in my head and heart

I drew connected, cared for her and slipped

into feelings undeserved, uncalled for. I ripped

my heart in pieces over one who treated me like feces.

the bottom of the barrel is empty, still she’s reaching down

trying to grab hold. The bottom drops out.  Rise and rise

again, until lions become lambs.  Lesson learned and face

forgot, remembering how that this is not how it was s’posed

to be. I step anew, with back straight and face held high

Sorrow, not mine, is no longer and has never been

my problem to worry over and lose sleep. Played

the fool I was again. I will admit, I was stuck

with the hope that someone might give a fuck beyond

your car, your clothes, your skin. I sigh and I begin again,

certainly no worse but definitely wiser in the end.

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