Heaven or Hell

Passing over and under, through and throughout,

Energy is as energy does.

All is varied waves of energy.

Consciousness wasted by masses.

Energy birthed, stored, forgotten.

Children are a glimpse of consciousness we lack,

Moments before death are same.

Careless wonders, young and old.

Dying, most are, strive to exist, to hold on

To this foreign hell, this ego state.

Death is not end, transformation is all;

Nature’s release from this sigh of consciousness

“Dead” is not death, it is to accept what is.

A breath, a moment… that is all we are here.

To be dead is to be awake, to be truly alive;

Forget the struggle in this ego driven hell.

Be one with energy en masse,

That is what heaven is;

An awakened state of life

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