21st century existence

Is existence merely a trial of consciousness, a test of universal nature?  The base human state, self preservation and fulfillment of one’s ego, is encouraged in everything… at least in 21st century America.  Other parts of the world encourage this also, though in different forms or to a lesser degree.  It is nothing to get sad or angry about, it is ignorance brought about by controlled conditioning.

A revolution of thought is sweeping America/the world though, gaining strength, gaining force.  More and more peoples are falling out of sync with the established paradigm, realizing that the system is what is fucked up, rather than just their place in that system.  They are starting to step away from the narcissistic “me, me, me” existence and see that is no the way to anything of lasting value.  Yeah, it will soothe your ego (make you temporarily happy), but it is a lie and nothing near true happiness.  Peoples, all over the world, are coming to this realization!

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