6 Months

Tricky player, whittle duck, turn around and

what the fuck is the intent for ego driven money lust?

Realizations, some are just dumb, fucked up,

retarded and lost.  You shrug and try but love

is a lie.  A burning hell, what they don’t tell is

the thing that gets you is the smell. Intoxicating,

you lose your mind, every sense you made,

in time, is lost.  But no, that is not  the only cost!

You put up with bullshit, lie and farce

and though she may be your queen of hearts

you’re dropped for a piece of coke dealing trash

with nothing of substance but his worthless cash.

Brainwashed to think love is sex, can’t look beyond

herself to see what’s next.  A break from death,

the tenth it seems, and she still thinks his love is clean.

Denial. Beaten, raped and treated like shit, drug dealing

dago made her quit, her life her “friends”, what

made her great.  Stealing her soul for his lust of twat.

He’s a sex addict, a manipulator but she still believes,

everything through his lying teeth. A nurse with a god

complex, ain’t it grand…. can’t figure her own shit out and

still thinks she can save this worthless excuse for a man.

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