On Resilience

The physical powers of the body cannot be separated from the rationale of the mind and the emotions of the heart.  They are one and the same,a compilation of a singular being.  It is in the harmony of these three–body, mind and heart–that we find spirit.

How many tyrants have tried; how many rulers have sought to reduce their subjects to simple, unthinking instruments of profit and gain?  They steal the loves, the religions of their people; they seek  to steal the spirit.

Ultimately and inevitably, they fail.  If the flame of the spirit’s candle is extinguished, there is only death, and the tyrant finds no gain in a kingdom littered with corpses.

But it is a resilient thing, this flame of spirit, indomitable and ever striving. In some, at least, it will survive, to the tyrant’s demise.

— R.A. Salvatore

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