Life moves in mysterious ways… beautifully mysterious.  One candle snuffs out and another sparks in place.  No regrets, no shame, nothing. I love being real, being honest, being a cool ass mu’ah fu’ah.  There was a time when I would have let the crazy antics of others bother me.  I used to be very vindictive in heart and thought.  I have embraced a new ideal and I love it!  Growth within is beautiful to behold in one’s self.

A new chapter has yet opened before me and I am embracing it, giving my all.  I learned what I needed to learn from the previous chapter and that is that… book closed.  I love life and the amazingly real power of energies!  To have some modem of control over said energies is a skill, a gift, I have tried to share since I learned how I was doing what I do.

I seek to open people’s eyes… help them to move on from the banal, self involved prisons their egos have created for them.  People are not the same.. egos are the same, every one of em.  They are sated for a time then they crave more… more… more.  That is called negative progress.  More without purpose, more without utility. That is the modern condition, an egoistic farce .

Become one with who you are.  Stop wanting this and wanting that; focus on what you have, be grateful for everything… the ability to walk, the ability to talk, the ability to drive, the roof over your head, the internet, the phone/computer/tablet/whatever you are reading this with.

Be grateful for everything you do have.  The positive energies emanating from you will bring more things into your life.  There is no timetable, there is  no finish line…. just be a positive force in the world, then and only then will positive things work out for you.

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