A friend posted the following interesting sentiment and I replied thus…

Interesting sentiment –

“Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror. I mean really studied your reflection: To the point where it seems as if for a split second that you see yourself as others see you. Yeah that second where you realize that there is so much more to you than you actually thought. It always turns that I never like the person I see. There are so many things that I should be doing but choose to be lazy and not do them. There are so many changes that I need to make: yet, I always find an excuse to keep things the way they are. There is this ever powerful knowledge that my life is so much more than I give it credit for. Yeah don’t pretend that you haven’t been there. We all have. The thing is, I don’t know how to break away from the Norm. How to reach out to myself and say’ ” This is the day where you will make a difference,This is the day of no excuses.” Maybe, I do know how to break away but refuse to see it because I am so scared of changing. so scared of trying and failing. But what I have realized in the short time in writing this is, That if I never break away from the norm,How will I ever know the difference. The difference is what matters and today I choose to make that difference in my life. So, the next time I stare into my reflection and see myself for that split second,at least I can say ” Well at least I tried,Damn it.”I love y’all god bless”

My Reply –

what you are doing is stepping outside the realm of your unconscious ego, the place this society thrives You are stepping into the now, the present. The you you see, that you think everyone else sees, is your own recognition of the life energy within us all… a step into the metaphysical realm. We are all one, every living thing on this planet.. every unliving thing as well. Energy is the source of every atom in the universe, at the quantum mechanical level. My name is Starstuff for a reason, for every base element, and therefore every thing, in existence was birthed within a dying star. Carbon based life forms? Carbon was formed within a supernova of a dying star… etc etc.

What you have touched on is an interesting and effective practice to get out of the man-made realm and quandary of time, the only moment that will ever exist and that will ever matter is now… being present, not being depressed or nostalgic about the past, not being anxious or nervous about the future. Life is happening now!

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