Love Of Self Some things money can not buy, the frills will satisfy for a time but something much deeper is needed a connection of soul; of energy true that magnetic pull that lies within Drunk for a time on fantasies hashed wake from the reverie to a new dawn.


My Request You are my bliss, my all encompassing muse You see me for who and what I am You make me a priority in your life Reciprocation is unquestionably given A truth, an energy made manifest in a shared love A maturing of self; a mastering of spirit.


Answers Under The Sun What is the nature of your song? What is your being yearning? What words is your soul, your energy singing to the walls of time? "I am a being of light! I am I am... the god of my world!" Walking in form, energy testing consciousness, it is a beautiful thing. … Continue reading #98


The Grass Is Greener Where You Water ItDo not define yourself by residual realityTake this moment and make it yoursOwn the world, create your universeThoughts become form, feelings become factIt is, truly, as simple as that, no gimmicks.To change your world, change your view.