The source of dreams?

Are dreams activated in the hypersensitive sections of our brains, those only effected by the tidal sway?  Is that the reason why people tend to dream at night; their minds are free from the pressing gravity of the sun?  Such thoughts are pouring through my mind all day and yet I only find fascination during the dead of night, when said gravity is gone.  I have been this way for as long as I can remember.  There is a reason I am a night owl, I recognize the cognitive value of times such as this, when the mind is clear of the addled refuse of everyday life.  I get two to five hours of sleep a night…. is what I do in my writing/thinking modes sleepless dreaming?  I wonder, am I in touch with and making my subconscious conscious through the power of word?  Is some of my poetry inspired my conscious subconscious, the ones that just happen? Questions I must spend time contemplating… or not, as it is.

’til then…

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