two roads… (a Frost variation/explanation)

Knowledge and religion are intersecting on a highway, without stop signs or traffic lights. With knowledge, the need for myths to explain things away, as in religion/mythology (the two are one in the same) becomes moot and a point of utter ignorance. I posted a meme, very recently about how if we hadn’t been constrained by religious dogmas and superstitions these past 1500 years, there is no telling where we would be. The human mind is a primitive thing, still, we are in the hunting pack mindset of the neolithic era or before. Take a look at our “tribes” squabbling over territory and religious disputes. It is sickening! The cognitive dissonance of tbhe religious as well as the politically obsessed is truly maddening. I so wish people could see the world as I see it, could see beyond their pre-frontal cortex based decisions and see the true beauty of the world around them. Human beings are a primitive species playing with the material of the gods. That simply means, we do not have the adequate or widespread knowledge/maturity to deal with the technologies and abilities the times are offering to us. We are taking for granted our largest asset, our home, the earth. All for the sake of a worthless, fiat currency. Religions are for those who fear hell and death, spirituality is for those who have seen and been through “hell”. I do not like to be labeled an atheist, just as I don’t like to be labeled a nonreptile or a nongolfer. I believe in the present, in you, in me, in logic, in reason. Anything more is useless conjecture that serves no purpose in my life and so I reject it.

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