Bird Falling From Skye Feeling warranted, loss is not. Nothing was done that deserved this toss this tossing away, the memory won't be there. Self destruct and tear down your heart, it is the path you follow, back again, to be fucked over and over.  This time your friend may not be there, to catch you, falling … Continue reading #72


The First Step is Hardest of AllNot seen for what it really is, the light grows brighter stillNary held by what happens here but judged by what happened thereThe light was not there, in the darkness, in the chosen sorrow.Light is energy, in pure form, positive, unyielding,Bent but not broken, raced but not beatWavering comes … Continue reading #70


Our WorldI see her there, interpreting silenceWatching them pass. missing their presenceWondering why, why they went awayleaving her there, alone "Do not worry my dear", I whisper in earLetting her know that it rains and it snowsbut life will begin again and in the endshe will but rise, alive to see... The end of her sadnessThe beauty … Continue reading #69


Pay AttentionThe brightest light is seen here, that there is but a reflection, a glamour of truth.Do not be swayed, do not be fooled, by appearance alone.  Energy doesn't lie,don't ignore the most useful gift for lusts of feeling, of body, of emotion.Manifested demons riding on waves of energy, drawn to marked receptor.Feeding, preying on … Continue reading #68


Victim & PUASlipping in and slipping out, knowing what this is about another,the other energy pouring forth... pretty face catches hold,grabbing hold and twisting soul, seeking nothing but control. Many are trapped and few ever loved, a deep seeded problemin the self.  Yearning, craving to get the fill, trouncing any who don't bend to will.  Lonely still, … Continue reading #67