The root of my discord, WTF?!?

people rationalizing their stupid choices away by fantasizing something they couldn’t possibly know.  That is the reason my friendship with BHA was ended.  She dreams about her abusive ex, who is a few inches taller than me, and rationalizes it away saying it must have been me, only without my accident, cos I would have maybe been an inch taller.  Which is wholly illogical, seeing that she didn’t know me prior to my accident, I wouldn’t know her had the accident not occurred and one inch does not make me 6’2″/6’3″ or however tall the abusive prick is.  Le sigh… it is saddening to know a beautiful person is raping her own life away by subjecting herself to such bastardly manifestations, all because he already psychologically warped her brain and she wants to see him as her savior.  It is a mistake the first time… the eighth time is a sure sign of idiocy.

4 thoughts on “The root of my discord, WTF?!?

  1. won’t let me comment on fb – just being nosey, but when you say she dreams of her ex, do you mean actually dreams, or just longs to be back with him? and what do you mean, she thinks you are him but shorter??

  2. it was an actual dream she was trying to interpret, she was at a party and everyone there was warning her to stay away from this guy. She wants to believe it was me, at first she thought it was this ex and all of a sudden she flips the script and says (not verbatim) “our friendship is done” and that was the end of it… she crawls back into her abusive ex’s arms an hour later. You can lead a horse to water…

  3. she went back to him in the dream or in real life? What a shame either way. Maybe she needs more time to get over this person before she is ready for another relationship. I don’t personally get why women stay with or are attracted to abusive men, whether verbally physically or whatever. My mum fell into this many times, as did my older sister, and my best friend,. Never got it. Men that treated them like shit in many many ways. When I met my husband, we were just kids, but what stood out to me was how nice he was, and he took this as an insult for a while, he thought I meant too nice, or weak, or whatever…I just meant nice, really nice, kind and considerate, not jealous, mean, violent or selfish, just nice!! Which happened to be exactly what I was looking for. He thought women always wanted bastards, as that had been his experience too. I was very wary of men until I met him. Hang in there, is what I am trying to say. One way or another, someone will be looking for exactly what and who you are xx

  4. she was back with the abusive guy an hour after she called me and ended our friendship. Nothing I showed her or told her mattered… this douche is a PUA (pick up artist) not very attractive at all but controlling, mentally abusive and far from loyal. I wasn’t in a relationship with her she is or was a really good friend. She is just another in a long line of discarded, damaged women who threw away a chance at a real, loyal friendship. She’s the one I saved from being raped in that other post of mine. And she became unfriendly toward me because of that night, like it was my fault she can’t remember anything. “she better stay away from me!” Le sigh… it is what it is, perhaps she’ll find out the truth, perhaps not. Her loss.

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