A moment in time

We are on the cusp of either a second dark age or a revolution in human achievement.  Petty squabbles over colors and myths are distracting us from the true potential of the world.  If we continue to wallow in our complacency, thinking we are the zenith of human accomplishment, we are delusional, for one and secondly, bound for a complete collapse.  Growth, change, love, compassion… these are the keys to a future, our future as a species.  The change in thought has begun, a wave building momentum.  Soon there will be no politics, there will be no wars, there will be no fiat currencies.  We each must do our part, don’t buy into the nationalistic, global rape presented by the statists today.  I am a globalist, a humanist, a human being!  I love you all… Ave Atque Vale

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