An evening spent with el Diablo

People come into your life, a bright and shining star… misconceptions… loyalty misplaced, why did I even try?  I can’t begin to fathom how she must feel, betrayed, dismayed and without a clue.  What I thought were friends turned out to be wolves, preying on my Skye.  I kept her safe, but made her hate me… such is life… le sigh.  I love her as one friend another, jealousy was there, but not the jealousy of hate it was her falling for another idiot.  I warned her but it was misread.  Drugged she was and remembers naught… she believes I tell her lies.  Probably calling her ex for comfort, she knows he is a completely wrong fit for her, duped by his psychological manipulations.  But she loves him.  She can’t know what real love is, if that be the case.  She is naive, though she be 41… a rough road traveled leading nowhere.  Happiness is not a promise I would make to her, but a road less fraught with ire.  Fuck it, I am done.  Twice is two too many, I won’t walk on glass or live a lie!

2 thoughts on “An evening spent with el Diablo

  1. She is comfortable in the spiders web. The spiders venom is familiar and soothing, ebbing happiness and reason away.

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