What devious trappings of character…

So I was talking with a good friend of mine today who is going through the second of two bad breakups in the past three years.  She started describing what was going on and their behaviors and I saw memory flashes and such of reading about these type of situations explained from the guys’ perspective, on various forums.  I knew exactly what the issue was and didn’t hesitate to tell her.  She was a victim of two self absorbed members of the Pick Up Artist (PUA) community.  I know several members myself, all of whom I find to be less than reputable and very self absorbed assholes.

I go on to explain to her that she is just one in a line for these guys and to remove all contact and influence.  Only then would her brain be able to start forgetting the psychological training they so deviously forced upon her.  Do I care that guys world wide will hate me for telling this, not at all.

Women, have you ever asked yourself “How in the hell did I fall for that guy?!?” “Why did I sleep with him and so soon after meeting him?!?”, you may be a victim of the very same psychological warfare.  A gentle caress to the hand, the elbow, a playful tapping on your shoulder/knee, hand in the small of your back, on your inner thigh…. you are kissing him, wanting to give yourself fully to him.  You don’t know where this desire is coming from, your type he isn’t and yet you cannot resist his charms.  Your psyche is being trained to be a mental slave to his will, just one in a line.  More to come after but you don’t mind, he promises and says exactly what you want, he’s done his homework, drawing you tighter and tighter into his web.

A psychological web which you may never be fully absolved.  The devious ways of the selfish PUA perpetrator.  Those that aim to sleep with whomever they want and however many they want, whenever they want. Le sigh…

This post isn’t speaking out against the psychology of this system it is speaking out against the devious nature of some of these so called “pros”.

2 thoughts on “What devious trappings of character…

  1. Food for the Pro’s: lonely women, women who feel they don’t deserve love, women who have been abused and women who hate themselves. Pro’s: Devious they are, evil they are.

  2. this same girl is the girl that most of these recent poems are about… lol it bugged the hell out of me for about 2 maybe 3 weeks, now I could care less. If she wants to wallow in her idiocy, that is fine by me.

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