What prayer actually is

Prayer is just the verbal or mental coaxing of one’s subconscious.  People not ready to accept this simple truth will still credit a deity, so as to appear sane and not schizophrenic, kinda funny really.  That is perfectly okay.  Whatever eases the anxieties of life.  Problems occur when people pray to a god to do things they are unwilling to do, as prayer is just people talking to the deeper parts of their minds.  Much like breaking a bone or any other serious malady, sane people don’t just pray/will it to heal itself, they go to the doctor and have it looked after.  Any prayer is much the same, it takes action on the person’s part, regardless of the prayer.  This goes along with my other blog posts, the power of thoughts manifest themselves into reality through thinking leading to affirming action.  ’til then, adieu.

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