This is it

I am often asked why and how I am so happy with my life, considering the incidents of my other blog posts.  I have but one answer, this is it.  This life is all we are sure of having.  I’m not going to get into a theological debate because that isn’t the point of this post,  The point is you are in control of your world, you are the masterpiece to your own universe.  If you want to be happy, be happy.  Sounds difficult, no?

Your thought processes shape the world you want to see around you.  I know this to be true because I have lived it.  Even before i knew what I was doing.  I had a vision in my head “I will walk again!” “I will drive again” “I will graduate from high school and college”.  It was a tough road, lots of pain, lots of disappointment and loads of heartache, but I can walk, I drive and I am independent.

Yeah, life took a shit on my front porch but I didn’t sit and count the corn kernels, I picked up a shovel removed the problem and am moving forward with my life as I may.  There is no sense whining about the past or yearning for happenings of a former time… all those things add up to is time lost.  Time better spent living today, in the now.

I am living in the now, taking chances, making mistakes, living life.  Break down your walls of comfort, grow yourself.  Life stops when growth becomes stagnant.  Cherish the moments of your life but dwelling in nostalgia is a time waste.  Sure you might think you felt good and want to go back to those times… fuck that!  Make new and better times for yourself, grow.

Some people touch us for a moment, others for a lifetime.  The key lies in not trying to make them all last for a lifetime, let life move and change.  Listen to your instincts.  The human brain is more powerful than any human can conceive, we need only get out of our own way (our rationalizations) and pay attention.

Meditation is important, taking time to calm the mind, remove outside influences and just breathe.  Focusing on your breathing, slowing your heart; your mind, letting the calming waves of energy start to flow.  It is during these times that I have been truly inspired.  Busy little bees need to take the time to remember they are human, they are mortal, this is it.

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