The State of Affairs

The institution of religion became outdated with its inception.  Human decency precedes religion, simply verifiable with the fact that the modern calamity of the relgiious state, and all of its atrocities, can be traced through these past 2000 years.  Before that, there was only territorial disputes between various tribes who just happened to be from different religions.  Humans, as a race, are a single entity, one and the same.  My Iranian friend and I are not different species, she is a wave of focused energy, just as me.

I am at a level of thinkiing about the world (Omega Mode) that is so far beyond the mindset that occupies most if not all of peoples minds.  I am seeing the world as a place before the institution of government and religion.  Much like the Mayans and other such “advanced” civilizations.  We are so far beyond them if we would only realize it, knowledge, knowledge is the key to everything, not mythologies and ways of explaining away happenings of the universe.

Fiat currency is a relic of the stoneage, yet we covet it with the utmost hope and base our lives on gaining it ,losing it and protecting it.  if we poured half of our energy into creating innovatinos to help humanity as we do into gaining more and more money, we would not believe where we could be… on other planets, exploring the depths of the energy in ourselves, finding new ways to create what it is possible to create, which is anything.

Humans so underestimate the power in themselves.  The human mind is capable of so much more than most all can comprehend.  The power of thought is the greatest power in the world.  It is the origin of any other man made power on earth.  To harness this power and stop wasting it, oh what a world we would have!  It excites me to think of the innovations we can conceive…. (to be continued)

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