Omega mode, what is that?  Omega mode is the next level of human awareness.  A state in which dreams become thoughts become realities. The stage where competition is a thing of outdated principle.  We are at a stage in existence where we need to get out of our own ways and collaborate for ways to live in unity, throughout the world…. I just wrte the following bit in less than five minutes… it is stream of thought:

“We must find a way to harvest the Omega waves of energy emanating from the human mind.   This is the next stage of human evolution.  Each human has enough power in their body to light a metropolis for  however long.  This energy, I have dubbed the Omega waves because it is the last energy we will ever need.  Harnessing this energy must needs be the lynchpin of research and innovation.  Clean, green energy, without the use of natural resources.  We become our own natural resources and source of power.  As we sleep, our energy/life force dissipates into existence escaping/wasting awa with the neutrinos (the power behind energy).

Are neutrinos the key to understanding the universe?  Are they the source of all power?   I am operating on a different level of consciousness than everyday life, my brain is focused on discovering a clean self powered energy.  Held in the palm of our hands a charger will feed off the energy of your mind, storing the excess of your life for later use.  No war, no competition… coupled with the venus program and insttuted along side of it… Omega waves of energy are the future

Omega mode is the next level of consciousness, it is light years past the alpha mode, hunter gatherer mentality.  Omega mode is an extension of the human mind.    I don’t know what I’m really doing right now, all exhaustion is gone, all worries of the day are gone, there is just the way, the world and my being.  I need to share the way from my being with the world.

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