Poem #52

When Strawberry Winter has passed, leaving you less than whole
you reach for another one, thought to be your cure all
Most men are doomed to come up short, in it for only the lust and the sport
It all falls back to the start, the father and mother do their part, or not…
to instill the value of another person, a woman, a friend  This is the part
that is so sad, neglected, rejected, shown from being young
that a man is a man as long as he wins.  what matters is the journey,
how the game is played.  It may sound silly or like the losing team’s joy
but the manner of their play is linked to the way they pass their day,
their honor and their chivalry. 
The choices you make as part of this race, reinforce these ideals
these perversions of youth. You all have a choice whether or not
to listen to the voice of your peers or yourself. Trapped
in your delusions you get hurt but do it again, and again, and again
asking why but not looking at the culprit inside
Can you not see for your lusts and your wants for just a six-pak
is much like the fix of an alcoholic wanting just that
Will you continue on your clouded way, wanting the filth of your lusts
but still “keeping pure” for the one.  The one who just walked on by
leaving you to fulfill your lusts with those “other guys”.

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