Poem #41

One Life
Why you lookin’ down on me? you keep treatin’ me
like I can’t see, like I’m less than you
even though it’s not the truth, the truth is too real for you
you don’t have control, it doesn’t matter what you do
life will shit where it does, what’s left for you to do
is to pick up the pieces that are left to you
take them, hold them, let them grow, bear the fruit you sow
and then you’ll know what will happen when it’s time to go
to the afterlife 

Afterlife?!?  I grew up walking the edge of a knife
reaching for this afterlife, I was a soldier of Christ
it wasn’t mine to reason why, was mine but to do and die
I saw through the lies and then I had to die
I died but didn’t go to the afterlife… saved by my stubborn ass
and the love of a father and mother. No glory is due to another
the other, the “skydaddy” who let me die. 
Living in my blasphemy, it doesn’t matter what you say to me…
I can see beyond the fantasy, I have been there, I’ve read the fairy
tales like mythologies, similar to those of Rome and Greece
Why can’t we ask why or how could he
let the bad shit happen that makes us bleed
this precious blood, this sign of life…
instead some have naught but strife for their whole life
and are expected to hold a faith of some evil wraith
and spend their breaths looking in the sky,
asking why and missing signs that could change the ways
of the world today.

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