Poem #38

Winter frozen, cold to core.  Part holds a faith in people
A very small and wavering part.  Selflessness is a rare trait,
the opposite, a plague of modern day.
More than just a hero, he stoically get his fill,
watching, waiting, treading time… a moment comes,
maybe one of more, maybe the fool’s mate conquer.
Moments, rare or not… that shape the being into being
what it might become.  Wishing is a folly of hope.
A tiny thing tarries by the trickling stream of inspiration,
A mistake to follow, a slight to ignore.  Faith in destiny is 
misguided, there is always a choice.  Falter not 
in the trappings of lore and faith.  A chance he has, 
to soar o’er hill and walk through dell.

Spring thaw, watered down heart.  Heavy in love, 
for people unaware in life, growth pushes forward.
Leaving behind, those hindered with trivial things.
Chances to take, growth to achieve, heart and mind in harmony.  

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