Poem #18

A Modern Revolution

Your excuse, you’re married, but you’ll kindly fuck a stranger ‘cos you aint getting’ it at home’.  Trivial meanderings spreading crabs and other small things, makes me laugh at rationalizations.  Winding paths of life and only taking the known, the safe, as conscience or cowardice tells you to, but for when you get caught in the moment, conscience be damned…“Fuck, I wanna fuck this piece of ass!”  Beg for forgiveness for something you truly wanted.

Lied to.

Just another lie to add to the web that is your life.  The bigger world (the pocket book) scare mongering into rash decisions, enforcing delusions of sovereign control…raping the world of its life, its humanity, its personality…a better place?!  Workers paying increasing fees to work, fueling this global rape, cyclical chaos to the nth degree, ever evolving, ever increasing.

Lied to.

Starving yourselves of nutrition…embracing a lie; engorging your obesity…embracing a lie…lying to live, dying to lie, lying to strive for reasons you can’t ask “but why?”

Lied to.

From the start, parents living their lie, “giving them a better life”.  Helpless and left, a better way to be found, not posed for stupid photos every other week “to keep a record.”  A record for what?!  Who really gives a fuck about faux settings with fake smiles?  The superficial breeders , breeding superficial needers.

Lied to.

Sadness filling the world, reaching for a false reality, the lie of lies…entertainment for many.  The richest are those without, struggling, living, striving for their “lie”, they don’t see it.

Lied to.

Shed the guilt, bend her over and fuck her harder.  Sexual action belied by lack of verbal sexuality…timid whores, excused, created by society’s judgments cursing the wanton frivolity of youth.  Behind closed doors the lie is shed, hypocrisy revealed with lurid haste, fetishes indulged or denied for 60 Minutes or Lifetime’s movie.

Lied to.

Nostalgic poisons poison love in droves.  Give up on your heart, your mind is a tricky fucker.  Fucked it up again, you crawl back to the prison lackey.   A history had, truths denied…”Love”.  Awe!

Lied to.

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