Poem #16

Intent Unknown

Darkness trapping, holding the soul

He yearns for the lusts of every man

Questioning mortality and the reason to life

Why this to he and that to she?

A sadistic god, if god it must be

Equality is a dream of pipes, authoritative

Panderism fools not the unlucky few. 

What calls in the dark of night but thought

Of unthought known?  An end is near,

Always an end.  Cry for solace not heard.

What become of the heart of him, in whom

The power lies?  Travesties thrown down

And picked up by those who have found…

Meaning is redundant.  Reincarnate the dreams

Of fathers long dead and of mind no

Longer known.  Watching skies turn red as

Mercury rises.  Nature takes its course

While he sits, watching them run around.

Narcissistic folly, the unknown intent.  

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