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The willful conditioning and apathy present in America is a horridly sad affair.  Brainwashed by religion and reality television, peer influenced to ignore those who are telling the truth “they’re crazy”.  We are at a crux, a precipice of human evolution, what we do or allow to be done will define what and who we are as a race.  Don’t allow yourself to be tooled, even by those you are conditioned to trust ie; governmental agencies, religious institutions, police, military, etc. We need to learn and speak for ourselves, we must need to rise up out of our decadent laziness and reclaim the life that is being connived and stripped from us.

Religion, a tool used by the powers that be/have been to warp celestial interpretations into a brainwashing cash cow.  What better way to control the masses than to convince them that all the bad stuff will have it’s antithesis in this gold hued Utopia, while these powers do whatever they want to whomever they want during the now, the real.

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