Poem #8

Morning Star

If i were to ask you, would you tarry here with me,

next to the poplar? What would it take to remember yourself

but grow into something more? Are you complacent, being stuck on and

in yourself?  Can you not see the pallid nothingness of a drone’s life?

Is that, really, what you want, caring for no posterity, absorbed in your

delusional fancies?  I don’t need you in my life… god do I want you though!

Wanting you to wake up and see the world that I see,


a world beautiful and harsh as the winter’s bite,

cold as a desert’s midnight…

A place where warmth is felt deep in the soul;

unquenchable fire, bent on showing through!


I will not wait here, overlong. The winds are changing, maybe for good.

You cannot see, lost in your youthful whims.  Perhaps I grew up too quick?

An “immature” maturity… now, that is uproariously funny!

You age and fall into your traps, I grow and fly ever higher.

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