For open eyes only:

The unwillingness to keep learning is by far the greatest prison media has imposed upon our societies.  To be stuck worrying about who kissed who and who is sleeping with who… so distracting our kids, raised by kids themselves.  We are entering another state of human devolution.  I am a fairly intelligent person, magnified and boasted to extremes I am unable to fulfill, meaning, I am not the smartest man alive.  Yet, people have told me through my short years that I am the smartest man they have ever met.  On one hand my ego takes a leap and almost simultaneously I wretch at the ineptitude that our race  has achieved.  To be one of the smartest would be better, but to be the smartest… holy hell!  I love learning, my brain is in a constant state of activity, even when I do sleep, it is as if my brain elicits a low hum as I dream.. completely inaudible but for my own state of self-awareness.

I truly wish to the sun that permeates the unknowing beliefs of so very many misguided humans, I would find way to inspire people to turn off their pixelated fantasies and become one with nature again, stop sucking the tit of the Fed by buying more useless paraphernalia that you don’t need, with money you don’t own.  The Federal Income Tax is 100% unconstitutional and is not in existence as a law, just a commonly purported myth that has been adopted into fact.  Much like the tool that is religion.  And I continue to digress… ’til we meet again, adieu.

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